Top 10 Arm Exercises: The Ultimate Guide for Building Massive Arms

You’ve found the best place to find the best Arm Exercises for your next gym session.

You’ve probably heard of the biceps curl, one of the best-known arm workout for women.

But don’t let the obsession over the two muscles at the front of your arms fool you. Despite having more muscle mass, the triceps are often overlooked in the quest for t-shirt-bulging arms.

We’ve compiled the most important arm and core exercises for you to achieve your goals, whether it is strength, size, or definition.

Take your biceps-and-triceps workouts to the next step and get pumped with the best arm exercises to increase muscle mass, strength, and performance. Combine the arm exercises from this article to create your arm workout, or add some at the end of any workout.

How to do these arm workouts

You will perform four arm exercises each week, ideally on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The plan divides the workouts into two-week blocks. Each block’s weekly workouts increase in intensity.

You’ll perform six exercises in straight sets. Be sure to follow the set, reps, and tempo details. Tempo refers to the speed at which you lift and lower the weight. It is written as a series of four numbers.

If you use a 3010 tempo, it means that it takes three seconds to lower and one second to raise the weight. There is no pause either at the top or at the bottom. Remember that some exercises, like the biceps curl, begin with the lifting motion (governed by the number three).

How to Warm up for Arm Workouts

You can’t ease into any of these arm exercises, as each starts with a large compound lifting such as the barbell back squat or bench press (check out our guide on the top barbells).

Warming up your body is essential to preparing it for the workout. You will perform better in your early workout sets and be less likely to injure yourself.

It’s time to be specific. The easiest way to achieve this is by performing some exercises you are about to do. Perform sets of the two first moves in each workout using lighter weights than you normally would, or even no weight if necessary.

Tips to Improve Arm Exercises

To build larger arms, use compound and isolation exercises

Research has shown that compound exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, and bench presses with a close grip are more effective.

Studies also show that adding arm-specific exercises such as triceps extension and curls to a routine that already includes compound exercises targeting these muscles will only marginally increase arm muscle growth.

Use heavyweights

Your number one priority as a weightlifter should be becoming stronger.

If you focus on this as your main goal in training, you will have no problem building large arms.

What is the best way to become stronger?

Lift heavy By “heavy” I mean that you should be aiming to do 8-10 reps (75%) or 4 to 6 (85%).

Over time, increase your weight

You’ll stop growing if you stop gaining strength.

You should focus your arm exercises on progressive overload.

If you don’t add weight to your barbells or dumbbells over time, it will be difficult to build muscle.

Train your triceps just as hard as you do your biceps.

Big biceps mean big arms, right?

Ironically, biceps are much smaller than triceps and contribute less to the overall size of the arm. Most people’s well-developed arms are largely attributed to their triceps. This can range from 50-70%.

Building big triceps is one of the “secrets” for building big arms.

Top 10 Arm Exercises

Arm Exercises

1. Pull-up

How To:

  • Keep your arms straight.
  • Pull your body up until your chin is above your hands.
  • Lower yourself back to your starting position.

Add weight to your exercise if you can do more than six reps using your body weight. You can add weight by hanging a dumbbell from a belt dip or pinching it between your legs to stay within the rep range.

Keep trying until you can do four repetitions using your body weight. Losing body weight can be the most effective way to increase your pull-ups.

Why? According to research, vertical pulling exercises like the pull-up are excellent biceps builders and can be loaded with heavier weights.

2. EZ Bar Skullcrusher

How To: Laying on a bench with your shoulders spread apart, grasp an EZ Bar at shoulder width above your chest.

Reverse the motion to return to your starting position. You can increase the range by lowering the bar to the back of your head, almost touching the bench.

Why? The EZ bar skull crusher works the medial and lateral heads, which are slightly smaller, to ensure you have proportionate upper arms.

3. Close-Grip Bench Press

Warm up by using lighter weights and performing 12-15 repetitions. You should align your hands with the beginning of the knurling. Do not lock the joints out at the top.

By keeping your joints bent, you will keep constant stress on your triceps, which makes the exercise much harder.

4. Concentration Curl

Researchers compared eight types of biceps exercise in the ACE study. Concentration curls were the most effective in activating the muscles.

The authors believe this exercise is the best for the biceps because it isolates them more than other exercises.

To do a concentration curl:

  • Sit on the end of a bench and open your legs in a V-shape.
  • Grab a dumbbell in one hand and lean slightly forward.
  • Rest your elbow on the inside of your inner thigh with your palm facing you.
  • Rest your elbow or other hand on the opposite thigh to maintain stability.
  • Curl the weight slowly towards your shoulder while keeping your upper body still.
  • It would help to end your hand with the palm facing your shoulder when you curl it.
  • Slowly lower the weight after a brief pause to allow yourself to feel your biceps. Wait to rest the weight on the floor until you have completed your last repetition.
  • Repeat this 12 to 15 more times, and then switch arms.

5. Cable Cur

There are several ways to curl cable. You can use a low-pulley machine attached to a cord with a handle. You can also use a resistance strap if you can tie the end to something solid.

For a cable curl with one arm standing:

  • Hold the cable handle, palm forward with your elbow at your side.
  • For better balance, place the foot opposite your curling hand in front of the other foot.
  • Slowly, bring your palm towards your shoulder.
  • Feel the effort in your biceps by holding the curl for a few seconds.
  • Lower the handle slowly to its starting position.
  • Switch arms after 12-15 repetitions.
Arm Exercises

6. Barbell curl

Maintaining a straight back and not moving your entire body except your arms when performing this classic biceps exercise is crucial. Start with a lightweight to let your biceps take the lead.

To do a barbell curl:

  • Keep your palms facing out and hold the barbell while keeping your arms by your sides.
  • Slowly curl the barbell upwards toward your chest while exhaling. Lift the barbell using your arms only while keeping your chest still.
  • Hold the position in place for a moment, then slowly lower the barbell to its original position.
  • Repeat this 12 to 15 times.

7. EZ Preacher Curl

How To: Adjust the preacher curl station to the point where the top of the pad is in your armpits when sitting on the seat. Hold the EZ bar at shoulder width with your palms facing you.

Keep your elbows on the pads. To return to your starting position, lower the bar.

Why? Preacher curls stop you from cheating by bringing the weight up to the top. This makes the exercise more difficult and ensures that your biceps do most of the work.

8. Standing Hammer Curls

Four sets of 10-12 reps

Keep your elbows slightly back and curl your hands out. Your brachialis should contract as much as possible.

Even though we are using dumbbells, curl both hands simultaneously. If you become too tired to curl both hands simultaneously, alternate.

9. Seated alternate dumbbell curls

Four sets of 10-12 reps

This exercise is most beneficial when done correctly. Do it, even if you need to reduce the weight. You will get stronger faster, stay injury-free, and see better results. At the top of your exercise, rotate your hands to the supinated position.

Arm Exercises

10. Cable Triceps Pulls Down

By mounting the attachment higher up on the frame, you can perform a variety of cable tricep extensions.

Cable Extensions are a good tool for beginners to use before they move on to more challenging exercises. They help develop muscular strength and conditioning.

Experienced lifters can use the cable system to isolate key areas of the triceps using different attachments for tricep extensions, such as single-arm triceps.

Maintaining a strict posture will help isolate the triceps. You should maintain a neutral stance with soft knees, retracted shoulders, and elbows at your sides throughout the Arm exercise.


Consistency, patience, and dedication are required to build massive arms. Always be consistent with your workout routine, and pay attention to form.

You can build massive arms with the right knowledge and dedication in no time. We are grateful you read our ultimate guide to building massive arms.

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