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10 Powerful Fat Loss Exercises That You Should Include In Your Workout Routine

While there is no magic bullet to lose fat, and you can’t out-train a bad diet, knowing what Fat Loss Exercises will work for you is important.

Before we begin, let’s bust some myths. You can’t reduce fat. You will be disappointed if you are looking for exercises to burn fat and not do anything else. These Fat Loss Exercises will cause high-calorie burning, which is what you need to get rid of and burn stubborn fat.

Second, we are not here to shame dietary fat. It would be best if you had it for energy; it is an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. To encourage an energy deficit, our weight loss exercise works best when combined with a diet.

What should you eat? For workouts, the body uses a combination of carbs and fat as fuel. However, high-intensity exercise is fueled by carbohydrates. Eating carbohydrates that are easy to digest between one hour and fifteen minutes before training is important.

This could be a banana, cereal, or flapjack. This will boost your training sessions and improve your performance.

What is the best exercise to burn fat?

A 20-minute jog burns calories and not fat, so it will help you to lose weight. This weight can be a combination of fat and muscle.

The details are a little dry, but a 40-year-old woman with a resting rate of 66 bpm would have a burning zone between 142 bpm and 165 bpm.

Work through the circuit below in 20 minutes as often as possible. After each set, pause and check your heart rate.

Wait until your heart rate drops below your lower limit if it is above your maximum threshold. This will ensure you are always in the fat-burning zone. The afterburn effect is in full force when you finish.

Exercise Burns Stored Fatty Acid

Exercise burns fat in two ways. First, when you exercise, your muscles must produce energy for work. This means that they have to burn stored fuel to generate energy.

The stored fuel is a mixture of carbohydrates (glycogen) in the muscles and liver, stored fats (triglycerides, in the adipose tissue, or fat tissue), and protein stored in muscle tissue.

When you exercise, your muscles use fat and carbohydrates as their primary fuel source.

The percentage of fuel sources that your body uses for energy depends upon the intensity of the workout and the duration.

It is interesting to note that when you exercise more vigorously, you will burn more calories. Still, the percentage of fat in these calories decreases.

At lower intensities, fat is the main fuel. For this reason, exercise machines with a “fat-burning” workout program have you working at a slower intensity to maintain a steady state of effort.

The relative proportion of carbohydrates increases as the intensity of exercise increases.

Suppose you consider zones of heart rate as an example. In that case, workouts performed in zones 1 or 2 will be fueled primarily by fat burning.

At the same time, more intense workouts in zones 3, 4, or 5 will be fueled primarily by the oxidation of carbohydrates or glycogen for energy.

When you use Fat Loss Exercises hard, you will burn more calories from carbohydrates than fat.

As mentioned above, even though stored fat is a lesser percentage of calories burnt, you will still burn more calories when exercising at a high intensity.

10 Powerful Fat Loss Exercises

Fat Loss Exercises

1. Walking

Walking can be a great way to lose weight. Beginners can easily start exercising with this simple and convenient method without buying expensive equipment or feeling overwhelmed. It’s also a low-impact exercise that doesn’t stress your joints.

Harvard Health states that a person weighing 155 pounds (70 kg) walking at a moderate speed of 4 mph (6 km/hr) will burn around 175 calories in 30 minutes.

In a 12-week study, 20 obese women found that walking 50-70 mins 3 times a week reduced their body fat by 1.5%. The waist circumference was also reduced by 1.1 inches (2.8cm) (6Trusted source).

Try walking on your lunch break or at work. You can also take your dog for additional walks.

2. Running or Jogging

Exercises like running and jogging are excellent for weight loss. Jogging is usually done at a pace of 4-6 mph (6.9-9.7km/h), while a faster pace is considered a “running pace.”

Harvard Health estimates a 70-kg (155-pound) person will burn approximately 288 calories in 30 minutes jogging or running at 5 mph (8km/h).

Running and jogging are both great exercises you can do anywhere. They are also easy to include in your weekly routine. Start by jogging for 20-30 mins 3-4 times weekly.

Try running on grass if you find jogging outdoors hard on your joints. Many treadmills come with built-in cushions that may make it easier on your joints.

3. Skipping

It is true that skipping burns calories, but it also offers a lot of variety. You can do various exercises to burn fat, from speed skipping and double-unders to crossovers and alternate legs.

The fitness editor’s words:

Skipping is a low-skill, affordable way to reap the benefits of metabolic conditioning. You can get 90% of the benefits of an exercise bike or rowing machine for less than 10% of the cost.

You can also take the rope with you on vacation. You’ll see why top combat sportspeople use the rope for weight loss and fitness.

Fat Loss Exercises

4. Battle Ropes

Fat Loss Exercises that force you to use your entire body will help to burn fat. Are you ready to incorporate them into your workouts? Try this battle-rope workout to melt fat.

The fitness editor’s words:

It’s tempting to reduce the intensity when you are working at intervals. However, to maximize your calorie burning, keep it high.

To add accountability, place a box or bench halfway down the rope. Then, ‘whip’ the rope over the top at intervals.

5. Farmer’s Carrier

Weights in the hand can help you lose weight. The basic two-handed carrying and its variations will work every muscle in your body from head to foot and improve your posture and cardiovascular conditioning. You are putting your body under much tension to improve calorie and fat-burning potential.

  • Muscles to be trained: Forearms and shoulders, upper backs, lower backs, and glutes.
  • Fat loss criteria: This is a self-limiting, compound exercise performed standing up.

How to:

  • Hold a weight between 25 and 50 percent of your weight in each hand.
  • Take the weight and crush it.
  • Walk in a straight, slow line, one foot in front of the other, for a time or distance.
  • Keep your chest and shoulders up throughout the exercise.

Programming Suggestions: Carry with a movement that does not require grip strength, like a bench press or pushup. As an example:

  • Pushups.
  • Carry variations: 40 yards.
  • Begin with 10 pushups, then reduce by one rep per round until you reach one.

Note: Pushups can be substituted with dumbbell/kettlebell variations using the same rep range.

6. Pushup

Many gym enthusiasts overlook pushups because they find them boring or too easy. Pushups are a great exercise because they have so many variations.

They also allow you to do more reps, increasing muscle mass and burning fat. The pushup is great, but you can get the best results with other exercises such as swings and carries.

  • Muscles to be trained: Shoulders, chest, core and glutes.
  • Fat loss criteria: This compound exercise involves going up and back down.

How To Do It: Start in a plank position with your feet together, your back flat, and your hands under your shoulders. To keep your spine neutral:

  • Screw your hands into the ground.
  • Engage your glutes.
  • Slowly lower yourself until your chest is approximately an inch above the floor.
  • Drive your palms back up.

Programming Ideas:

  • Kettlebell swings for 20 seconds.
  • Six pushups.
  • Rest for the remainder of the minute.
  • Do this for 10-20 minutes or until you fall in a heap.
  • Rest the rest of the minute between 20 swings and 10 pushups.
  • Rest: 20 swings and 9 pushups.
  • Down to 20 swings and 1 pushup
Fat Loss Exercises

7. Reformer Pilates

This version of Pilates is different from traditional Pilates, which is done on a mat.

It uses a carriage that allows you to customize the resistance and, therefore, the difficulty for each exercise. This helps improve posture and alignment, and build core stability.

You can begin with 30 to 60-minute classes at least twice or thrice weekly. You may even work your way to daily sessions. You could even take a class with SLT.

8. Spinning

Spin classes will get you pedaling hard. Spin is not just an exercise. It’s also a lifestyle. Look no further if you want to lose 500 calories within 60 minutes, plus fat after the workout. Spin is not only one of the best exercises for weight loss but also boasts many other benefits.

Even with dimmed lights, mounting that spin bike next to a 6-foot Ms. Lululemon model can still be intimidating. Everyone has to start somewhere. So, have fun. Or try a 30-minute spin workout in the comfort of your home.

9. Swimming

Swimming can be a great way to get fit and lose weight. Harvard Health estimates a person weighing 155 pounds (70 kg) will burn approximately 216 calories in a half-hour swimming session.

The way you swim may affect the number of calories you burn. According to a study of competitive swimmers, the breaststroke is the best for burning calories, followed by butterfly, freestyle, and backstroke (19Trusted source).

A 12-week study of 24 women in their middle age found that swimming 60 minutes three times a week reduced body fat and improved flexibility.

It also reduced heart disease risk factors such as high blood total cholesterol, triglycerides, and 20 trusted sources.

Swimming is also easier on the joints because it has a low impact. It’s a great choice for those with joint pain or injuries.

Fat Loss Exercises

10. Interval Training

High-intensity interval training is another term for short bursts that alternate intense Fat Loss Exercises with recovery periods.

A HIIT workout can last 10-30 minutes and burn many calories.

HIIT is a great way to burn calories faster and exercise less.

Numerous studies have also shown that HIIT is particularly effective in burning abdominal fat, which is linked to many chronic illnesses.

It is simple to integrate HIIT into your workout routine. You can choose between running, biking, jumping, or other types of exercise.

You can pedal at your maximum speed for 30 seconds on a bicycle, then pedal slowly for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this pattern for 10 to 30 minutes.


Staying healthy and fit is difficult, but the effort is worth it. These 10 Fat Loss Exercises give you some ideas on how to get the most out of your gym time and maximize the results.

You can target your entire body with strength, HIIT, and interval training. Yoga and other exercises are also great for burning fat. What are you waiting for? Start today with these fat-burning workouts!

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