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Get Strong and Shredded: 7 Best Barbell HIIT Workouts Explained

If we get a dollar for each person with good intentions who has focused their burning fats on moderate-intensity to Barbell HIIT Workouts, it would be possible to have Fort Knox as our summer retreat.

The “I’m trying to lose weight, so I’m just doing cardio” mentality is now commonplace since people are spending many hours on ellipticals, treadmills, and stationary bikes but have little evidence to back it up.

What they’re hoping for, of course, are washboard abs and a more toned body, which can be achieved by intense lifting in significant amounts.

Take a look at HIIT 100s. It’s the M&F’s most effective program yet for cutting off stubborn body fat in just a short amount of time.

Follow the Barbell HIIT Workouts for the six weeks while making sure your diet is clean and that toned body you’d never get by a lifetime of cardio will be yours soon.

What Is HIIT?

The word is pronounced “hit,” HIIT is an exercise type of cardio. It is a term used to describe intense interval exercise. Although it has risen in popularity over the past few years, HIIT has been around, with different names, since the 30s. The most important thing is the intervals.

If you’ve ever played basketball, American football, or soccer, then you’ve probably participated in wind sprints. They are a combination of intervals of sprinting and then periods of standing or walking.

Wind sprints are an aspect of intense interval exercise. They can be performed on a track in an aquatic pool or on a cardiovascular device. HIIT prescribes a back-and-forth between intense work and less intense work.

Greatest HIITS

You’ve probably heard of the concept of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). In the case of fitness, HIIT is the most efficient method of shedding away body fat to the point that there’s absolutely no reason to step on a treadmill to keep running at a steady speed for more than 30 minutes unless you’re an endurance sportsperson.

If you’re on this blog, you’re likely not looking for the physique of the typical marathoner. For those of you who don’t have a good understanding of HIIT, it’s periods of high-intensity workouts (such as running 90 percent of your maximum heart rate) and then a slow-paced (walking at a slow rate) or complete relaxation.

This is in sharp contrast to normal steady-state cardio people engage in with moderate intensity, for example, running on a treadmill with 60-70 percent of their maximum heart rate. Barbell HIIT Workouts was initially designed by track coaches to help runners train.

However, it has been adapted to fitness because of its fat-burning properties, which have been confirmed numerous times in research studies.

Many of these studies showed that those who performed HIIT burnt significantly more body fat in less time than those who were doing steady-state cardio programs.

Barbell HIIT Workouts

Method To The Madness

The exercises below are easy to follow, but they’re not the easiest to follow. For each major muscle group adhering to the HIIT 100s program during your first workout, you’ll perform three additional sets until failure of this exercise, using your 10 rep max (10RM).

However, after you’ve completed the 10 sets of 10 reps, you’ll not be able to do 10 reps in a full set using the weight of your 10RM, but probably around 5 to 7 reps.

In your third rep, do a droplet using the same weight that you used to complete HIIT 100s (50 percent of your 10RM) and complete as many reps as you can.

A total of three sessions of two or two more exercises, and you’ll have completed that muscle group by the end of your day.

Recover between sets in the wake of the HIIT 100s exercises is limited to a minute in order to maximize fat loss.

Follow the specific weight training for your muscle groups by completing one final round of HIIT 100s that incorporates exercises that are full-body like dumbbell or barbell cleanings or kettlebell swings; deadlifts using dumbbells or barbells, dumbbell, barbell or kettlebell snatches or my own unique lift, known in the form of the press/dead/curl.

Hundreds Of Benefits

Although the main advantage of the plan is the rapid reduction of fat, the side advantages are equally remarkable. Although the weights you choose to use require a lightweight.

However, your muscles will be able to receive signals to grow. HIIT 100s can make a lightweight extremely challenging to maneuver.

This increases muscle fatigue to new levels that trigger the release of hormones that build muscle.

Another clear benefit of doing 100 reps and decreasing rest intervals is the increase in muscle endurance, which will improve your endurance, which is an advantage when you’re involved in sports. Even if you’re a non-athlete, the benefits will be clearly and loudly in your workout routine.

If you resume your routine, in which you’re able to rest for a couple of seconds between workouts, the recovery of your muscles will be faster, giving you more reps while using the same weight in consecutive sets and giving you an increased stimulus.

7 Best Barbell HIIT Workouts

Barbell HIIT Workouts

1. Back Rack Jump Squats

It’s usually done with no equipment. However, you can also try it with an exercise bar. The barbell jump squat builds all body parts, helps burn fats, enhances athletic performance, and strengthens lower body muscles.

To perform this exercise:

  • Put an unloaded barbell on the side of your shoulder.
  • Stand in a straight position in an arm-width stance.
  • Do the squat exercise and push with your heel. You will then leap up high before returning to standing.

2. Deadlift Off Blocks

Deadlifting of blocks of the simplest versions of deadlifts with a bar. It is a less strenuous variation of deadlift with a barbell since it places less strain on the lower back.

This means you can complete it speedily to burn off the maximum amount of calories. It targets your total body, particularly your glutes, the hamstrings as well as the back.

Doing Block deadlifts can aid in improving your jumping and running, as well as other high-intensity exercises that the lower part of your strength is required.

3. Reverse Burpee Variations

Begin lying down flat on the floor with arms raised, barbell in hand, and your core fully held. Utilize your momentum and extend your hips and knees until you quickly rise. When you are standing up, raise the barbell up to the ceiling for a single repetition.

Lower the barbell to chest level, bend at your knees, and then, in one controlled movement, lower yourself down to the floor, then roll onto your back before bringing the barbell to the ceiling. Repeat the entire movement.

Barbell HIIT Workouts

4. Per Side: RDL to Overhead Back Lunge

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart using a barbell that is at the level of your thighs. Hands should sit two-thirds of an inch apart. Keep your spine straight.

Then, bend your waist and then sit your hips back as you reduce the weight. Keep the bar near your shins, and lower it as much as your flexibility permits. Then, force your glutes to expand your hips, then get up.

Inhale as you lift the barbell up, with the weight evenly distributed between the shoulder joint. Begin by stepping back using one foot, approximately 2 feet.

It would be best if you kept your hips forward while the heel of the back of your foot is first in contact with the floor. Then, you can allow your knees to bend and drop just shy of the trailing knee to be in contact with the floor.

Push back up using your push into your backfoot, ensuring the balance while returning to your starting position. Switch with RDL as well as back lunge until reps are finished.

5. Barbell Overhead Lunges

Lunges can be extremely beneficial in strengthening and toning the muscle groups in the lower part of your body, specifically those in the quads and the hamstring. Utilizing a barbell can help build muscles, increase the performance of athletes, and burn numerous calories.

Suppose you’re looking to lose weight or increase fitness and stamina. In that case, it is possible to include lunges in the barbell HIIT routine for greater results.

For a barbell lunge, make sure you put the right weight onto the bar, keep it above your head, and sit in your split position, with your feet spaced 10-12 inches apart.

Keep your core in a tense position, keep an upright spine, and then lower yourself until the knees bend at 90 degrees. As you push through your feet, raise your knees until you have completed your first set.

6. Barbell Push Press

Barbell Push Press is a strenuous exercise that targets multiple muscle groups throughout your body. It aids in building endurance and strength as well as the ability to burn calories.

Research suggests that exercises that involve overhead pressing, like push presses, improve weightlifting and athletic efficiency. 1 If you’re a powerlifter, Crsofftiter, or sportsperson, you could incorporate it into your training routine.

To do an exercise with a barbell press

  • Take a loaded bar and place it on the side of your shoulders.
  • Keep your feet straight and stand with your feet at shoulder width.
  • Keep your core active. Perform an incline squat that will help you build the power.
  • When you are back then, press the bar up till your arms become straight.
Barbell HIIT Workouts

7. Barbell Thruster

The thruster is a grueling CrossFit exercise that burns off a significant amount of calories, improves muscle coordination, improves strength and strength, and boosts overall performance.

It’s the result of the combination of the front squat with an overhead press that increases the strength of multiple muscles from the upper to the lower body, like those in the quad’s shoulder, in addition to the glutes. When done properly, it helps strengthen the core muscles.

The thruster can be used for people of all fitness levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re an intermediate or beginner male or female. It’s a good idea to include this exercise in the barbell-HIIT exercise program.


In conclusion, including Barbell HIIT Workouts in your fitness routine will offer a wide range of advantages.

It not only provides strength and muscle growth, but it also enhances heart health and improves the metabolism to reduce fat.

Furthermore, these workouts are efficient and can be easily adapted to meet your individual needs and capabilities.

If you’re a seasoned lifter or are just beginning your journey to fitness, try the Barbell HIIT Workouts a shot and experience the results that are amazing for you!

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